Move your Asana!


If you were promised a way to increase fitness, strength, flexibility and mental clarity, while improving posture, boosting immunity, reducing stress, anxiety and pain, and at the same time fostering a better body image and eating habits with a healthy dose of inner peace thrown in, you’d probably think it was another fad-driven load of crock. Yoga, however, has been around for millennia and in a world that is becoming increasingly hectic it’s not surprising that yoga is thriving as a calming counterweight. Whether you follow the disciplines of Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar or Vinyasa, whether you practice poses such as hero, warrior, cobra, cow face, lotus, sphinx or even corpse, whether you engage in “furniture yoga” using straps, blocks, chairs, harnesses, and boards ... it’s not a competition about who’s the best, the most flexible or the technically perfect. Yoga is about tuning in to your body and mind, about letting go of judgement. It’s about deep self care ... which ultimately extends far beyond the mat.

Susie Lever from YogaBody in Matakana says, “Once the seed of yoga is planted, the soul cries out for more.” Luckily for us, that cry can be answered by a salutation of yoginis in our region:

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Susie Lever, YogaBody,

Sue is a senior Iyengar teacher focusing on standing postures, precise alignment and deliberate sequencing – this doesn’t mean easy!

Ingrid Le Prou, Ingrid Yoga Studio,

Ingrid teaches flowing Vinyasa-style classes incorporating breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation.


Marise Greig, Simply Yoga,

Marise is a highly-respected Iyengar instructor who practices alignment-based yoga with strong Ayurvedic influences at her studios in Auckland and Matheson Bay.

Megan Brown, Thrive Living,

Megan honed her discipline in Costa Rica and now takes dynamic Vinyasa classes at Leigh Primary School.

Pt Wells/Omaha/Snells:

Melanie Eade, Oasis Beauty,

Mel follows a holistic approach to wellbeing, offering yoga classes for all abilities as well as a range of massage and beauty treatments.

Kawau Island:

Stillwaters Yoga Retreat,

The Auckland Yoga Academy periodically runs retreats and workshops at their stunning yoga centre on Kawau Island.