2016 Warkworth Cider Festival


Great cider, some of the best smoked ribs in the region and blues on the main stage in a family-friendly garden bar: what more could you ask for on a lazy Saturday afternoon? The Cider Shed, in conjunction with Forbidden Brewing Co, held its inaugural Cider Festival on Saturday April 16 at its Warkworth-based Cider and Smoke house. Joining them for the day were fellow Kiwi legends Zeffer Brewing Company and Peckham’s Cider.

If you thought cider was just a boring, apple-based fizzy drink made popular so the gluten-intolerant could have a cold one then you need a little extra education.

Forbidden Brewing Co is proving again and again that cider can be about much more than just apples (even though their Simply Apple Cider has won a number of awards). Because now, joining Forbidden Brewing’s unconventional fusion-flavour list of chilli, kiwi fruit, and coconut comes Choc-zilla – yes, it’s a chocolate cider.

Partnering up with Chocolate Brown in Warkworth, this chocolate-infused cider is a welcome addition to the range. Another tasting favourite is the new Perry Bomb, is a fusion of pear and plum. With this kind of lineup, one can only imagine what might take centre stage at the 2017 Cider Festival.