Retail Therapy: Kleur Glass

It all began with a few lessons in glass bead making and sculpture shortly after Inge’s youngest son started school in 2009. 

As a Marketing Manager looking for a unique hobby, she was instantly drawn to working with glass and its endless possibilities of shape, colour and scale. 

Inge continued to work as a freelance marketing consultant while her hobby grew into a business Every day, she would come home and look forward to getting into the garage to work with molten glass, that is until her husband evicted her to make room for his classic car! 

This led to her own garden studio, followed two years later with a commercial studio in Elizabeth Street, Warkworth where she began offering classes in glass bead making, sculpture and fusing. At that point, Inge also added work for sale from other glass artists and the business proved to be an instant success.

Last year, a move to Kapanui Street, which meant an expanded premises and product range. Inge says, “We specialise in local, New Zealand handcrafted glass, art and jewellery. I want to support handmade, particularly art, from the local area”. 

The long-standing tradition of working with glass to produce unique pieces is sadly disappearing globally and Inge’s dream is to leave a little footprint here in Warkworth, New Zealand. To aid in preserving some of that tradition, Kleur Glass offers people the opportunity to work with the alluring art of glass.

2A Kapanui Street, Warkworth