Tapatai Driftwood

Driftwood sculpture artist, Greg Maddox has had an interesting artistic career in both New Zealand and the U.S.A. Through the early 2000s Greg was a commercial artist, then mural painter and airbrush artist in N.Y.C. where he worked collaboratively with other well-known artists in the area. He then travelled home in 2007 to base himself in Waipu, a place he practically grew up in many years ago. Greg has been recognised through television, print and social media as a person with an interesting take on handmade driftwood sculpture. 

As Greg’s business is commission based, he rarely builds a driftwood sculpture for his own property.  However he admits that his sculptures, which have included full-sized giraffe, vultures and horses, are very hard to part with, but says it is rewarding to see the look on people’s faces when they get delivery of their driftwood creation. 

Living in Waipu poses a slight problem with its location and distribution of driftwood on the white sand beaches of Northland and as a result Greg has to travel long distances to collect the unique pieces of wood needed to create his masterpieces. He commits many hours of his time to drive to some desolate places where he finds himself, along with his faithful German Shepherd, in what he calls his happy place.