Claire Erica

7.5m Mural in Waiuku - Copy (2).JPG

Claire-Erica is the daughter of a professional British Photographer, and, a passionate Fine Artist since her earliest of days. She has developed a lifelong commitment to wildlife, landscapes and more recently New Zealand native studies.

Her art follows personal photographic observations, of the natural environment in which she draws ongoing inspiration.

During the past decade, Claire-Erica has worked closely with both commercial and community groups to positively promote involvement in the discipline of Fine Art.  

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Claire-Erica’s work can been seen adorning buildings and utility services across the Auckland region supporting both tourism and community living. ‘Train in Waiuku’ is the biggest of these murals, at 7.2m long and ½ m high, and painted for the Waiuku Business and Development Association. 

During recent years, Claire-Erica has turned to the study of New Zealand natives and developed a keen eye for our Sacred Kingfisher, amongst other indigenous birds. Claire-Erica is also active in supporting community action, through donations to local groups including Youth Suicide, and teaching at the Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit.

Claire-Erica works full time across several artistic pursuits, not only the creation of very large canvas’ that can be seen on display at Art Matakana; she is also the resident Artist at the Parsley Pot café, where a number of works across mediums can be seen exhibited on a permanent basis. Claire-Erica’s Fine Art drawings and mixed media works can also be found on show at ‘Of Heart and Hand’ in Warkworth. 

These activities not being enough, Claire-Erica is also responsible for Bella Florientina, a creative services company, through which, both products from her Fine Art work are produced, and, tuition services for drawing and painting can be found in Matakana.  As a self-taught Artist with a broad range of successful commissions, across commercial and residential paintings; Claire-Erica will teach you skills in a steady and progressive manner, paced to match your desire to learn.  Claire-Erica has developed a unique series of workshops to take you through the different aspects of drawing and painting; starting with the basics and moving at a comfortable pace to achieve the outcomes you desire. You will gain a clear understanding, workshop practice, and take away activities, to support the skills needed for better painting and drawing.

Under development, Claire-Erica is working hard to establish a Fine Art studio close to the artistic heart of Matakana. She says “It is a time for growth as we look forward towards building a new studio. Very exciting times ahead as we embark on this incredible journey.  It’s all about people, people who love art; people who love creating art. e are building a space for our students to express themselves and produce art from their soul. “

Claire-Erica is a passionate and dedicated Artist working hard to support and develop the culture of Fine Art arena in and around Matakana for years to come.