Fortitude Kids

Fortitude was born from the desire to ‘pull up your sleeves’ and donate time by helping out in some small way. Their first project was to create activity boxes for children who were in one of the isolation wards at Starship Children’s Hospital. Due to their low immunity these children do not get the opportunity or the freedom to go out of their rooms and play with other children or to use the resources that the hospital offers. They are at risk of being exposed to bacteria and germs that could prove harmful to them whilst they are undergoing treatment. 

Fortitude have been creating homemade gift cards and selling these through a local gift store, with all of the proceeds going directly towards the making of these boxes. Each of the Fortitude Boxes are filled with activity books, colouring books, miniature board games, jumbo cards, art books, felt tips, colouring pencils, stamps, notebooks, pens and pencils, so each child can have a little ray of sunshine delivered straight to their room and a box of their very own to keep.

“Fortitude means strength and courage and we believe these kids are so brave for enduring the experiences they do on a daily basis... we feel so privileged to be able to create something for them that will make them smile, feel special, encouraged and praised for their resilience,” says founder Reba.

CherishBianca Howlett