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Boat Sandpit: Joule Family

“We picked up a boat for $100 from Buy and Sell Warkworth and just added a trailer load of sand and a pirate flag. It was in good condition and so we actually had to put a hole in the bottom to allow the water to escape when it rains. The kids play out there together, peacefully for hours in all weather and love it,” says mum Victoria.


The Fort: Joule Family

“We have a shortage of trees on the property and so I thought we could build this fort on stilts. Then of course you would need a drawbridge,” says dad Rhys, who built this for his kids out of old pallets for around $270. 

The kids dress up and play knights and warrior princesses to defend it! “It’s a great lookout; the kids can spot visitors approaching from miles away!”


Mudslide: Rigby Family

“When the digger was here digging the pond I thought we should have a mudslide into the little pond,” says Caleb aged 9. “It didn’t take long as the digger was already here. Maybe 10 mins for the digger then we soaked it with water from the pump and smoothed it out. I have a lot of fun on it with my friends. It's impossible not to get dirty on it, that's what I like about it.”


Flying Fox: Powell Family

“Our backyard bushland seemed to lend itself to a Flying Fox. It took a couple of days to tension the wire and build the stairs,” says dad Craig. “All of the parts were donated or acquired for free.” Just our time, tools and energy were required. “The Flying Fox is a challenge for first timers overcoming their fear of heights and the ‘safety mattress’ is tied to the tree at the end.”


Climbing Wall: hadfield Family

“We had to get creative when making the boys bunk beds, as space is at a premium in our house,” says mum Melanie. “The climbing holds were such a hit that we decided to expand!” “Our trees weren’t big enough to climb on,” says Leif aged 5, so they constructed their own indoor wall. “As they get older we have plans to extend it up to the loft and create a kid hang out zone up there.”


Spinner: Powell Family

“The spinning platform came later when our old trailer succumbed to rust and I converted the axle into the ground and added a plywood platform,” says Craig, who loves any practical challenge that he can set his creative mind to. "The Spinner took a couple of days to make, once the axle was removed from the trailer."

Bianca Howlett