Master Craftsman: Shoreditch


After 12 years refining his craft in Shoreditch, East London, Kasey Coory felt it was time for a change of scene. In 2013, Kasey and fellow craftsman Evan Schwarz relocated their respective families to New Zealand, opening the first Shoreditch workshop on Waiheke Island.


“I went to London with a backpack, and came back with three kids and a 20ft container full of tools,” laughed Kasey.

Kasey recently opened a new Shoreditch workshop in Warkworth, bringing his wealth of experience: from designing bespoke furniture and kitchens, to fitting out boutique London stores, even managing construction of entire film sets.

No matter the scale of the project, Kasey and Evan apply the same working principles: quality products, built to last for future generations, with great attention to detail. They believe furniture should be made to give away, not throw away when it breaks. Shoreditch use sustainable solid woods, plywoods and reclaimed materials, trying to minimize waste wherever possible.

“The stuff we build will last a lifetime - we're trying to make a difference and have less of an impact on the planet,” said Kasey.

In August, Shoreditch built a custom kitchen, along with bathroom and bedroom cabinetry, for a Waiheke Island home that went on to win NZ House of the Year 2017.

“It was a cool project, but a bit of a challenge, because what the original architects had drawn up for the kitchen was impossible to build. We ended up redesigning the whole thing.”


Kasey hopes the local community will embrace Shoreditch furniture.

“Furniture is quite tactile, you have to touch it and see it in person to really appreciate how well it's made,” he said. “It's like art - you're going to be seeing it in your house every day so you want something beautiful, something to admire.”