Puhoi Bushman Honey


There's something special about buying local - you know your produce has been grown or made, with love, care and passion.

You get exactly that from local beekeeper William Titford, who started Puhoi Bushman Honey because of his love for bees. After working in commercial beekeeping companies for six years, he noticed it was the norm for up to 20% of a hives population to die each year and from his experience having lived on farms for most of his life, he knew it could be done better.

William started learning about selling honey commercially and got busy as a bee! He registering as a company, designed modern labels and got himself a few hives to kick things off.

Puhoi Bushman Honey is harvested in a unique way, "I try to look after the bees because I know if we look after them, they will look after us," says William. "I often spend more time with each hive and more often than what is 'necessary' according to bigger beekeeping companies."

His honey is harvested in much smaller batches meaning, less disruption to the bees. He also prefers not to wear gloves, "I love picking up the frame and have the bees crawl over my hands, it's such a great way to connect with them," says William. Beekeeping gloves are thick and bulky, making it easy to accidently squash and kill bees. "No gloves is the best way to have mutual respect with the bees, they know I'm not afraid. This allows them to carry on producing delicious honey," he says.

Puhoi Bushman Honey is a 'keeper'! Make sure you head to the Puhoi Village Market on the last Sunday of every month to get your hands on William's honey or purchase it from The Puhoi General Store.

0210 811 4121