Rumbles Canteen

There’s been a few rumbles on the grapevine about what is happening at Grant and Yvonne Clifton's property on the corner of Matakana and Anderson Road since Rummage closed earlier this year. It’s seems big things are on the way with Rumbles Canteen due to open onsite late November. 


So why the move from retail to hospitality? Rumbles is an opportunity for the whole family to work together. It is something Grant, Yvonne and daughters Madison, aged 14, and Alexa, aged 11, have been thinking about for quite a while. An ice cream and cookie shop seemed a perfect fit with their passions and interests. 

“Grant is a natural host, Madison has a knack for scooping ice cream, Lexi loves baking cookies and I love the challenge of bringing everything together,” Yvonne says. 

Rumbles will specialise in serving the most delicious cookies and ice-cream in New Zealand. Their delicious range of gelatos comes from Kowhai Creamery who recently won best gelato for their Velutto Blueberry Gelato and best new to market flavour for their Zesty Lemon Curd Gelato at the 2017 New Zealand Ice cream Awards.  


Home baking is also an important part of the menu. Alexa firmly believes that, “Everyone deserves Rumbles cookies,” so there will be gluten free, dairy-free, grain free and refined sugar free options. Rumbles is also the refreshment spot for the Sunday Drive Collective, a Matakana retail experience featuring independent retailers. 

It will be no surprise to those who visited Rummage that Rumbles has an eclectic industrial retro feel. The space also reflects our Matakana beach culture and takes cues from its rural setting. Old wire bread baskets and scaffolding have been recreated into a fantastic table. Little bird houses fill the roof space at one end. A classic kiwi caravan sits at the other. Willow trees sway gently over the counter, giving the whole space a touch of fantasy and whimsy. In tribute to Rummage, the space will also have a curated collection of special retro treasures for sale. 

The family are looking forward to working together. “We love having a place with a child friendly vibe where people can come and get the classic kiwi summer experience. It will be great to catch up with all the locals, as well as meet new people.”

Rumbles will be a great place for family and friends to relax and enjoy the sweet life.

Bianca Howlett