Weekend escapes

Harvest is a time to take stock and work together for the good of all. From our days, threading through the birth of agriculture, onward to today we come together to harvest that which we have grown, the fruit of our labour, all that plants provide. It is also a time to come together as people; to talk, to share, to see what we, in ourselves, in our hearts and our communities can harvest from seasons past.

What better place to do this than Tara Retreat, Mangawhai. Nicola and Glen's welcoming smiles, the bountiful garden, the comforting tranquillity of the accommodation; all this plus Glen's delicious Thai green curry. We sit in the rustic outdoor kitchen with cups of Nicola's hedge-harvested teas warming our hands. "We love this place," she tells us; "It's our dream come true." Of course, the dream is a work in progress but you can feel that so much time, thought and love goes into this place - the flourishing garden, the cosy studio, the gorgeous cob cottage: "It took 12 people 12 days to build,” she says. The yoga studio space is where Glen teaches yoga and Nicola offers a range of therapies including massage, Reiki and Naturopathy. In between, of course, they spend time with the kids, catch up on chores and run the 'Eco Retreat' accommodation.


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