Fantail, Tiny House

We’re hearing the word ‘minimalism’ more and more often and father and son duo, Jim and Shane, are bringing this modern living style to the family home.

Jim, a master builder with over 40 years experience, and Shane, having lived in smaller spaces himself, came up with the idea to build their own tiny house – and so ‘The Fantail’ was born!

“Living tiny has yet to really catch on in New Zealand, as land owners have an issue with sharing their space. If people understood that tiny houses can help with our current housing crisis and more people open their hearts and minds to this way of life, we could have a New Zealand where everyone owns their own house, debt free!” says Shane.

‘The Fantail’ takes a lot of inspiration from the Japanese minimalist living approach, using multiple living zones within small spaces, to the greatest advantage.

“My partner and I researched this house for almost a year and came up with the design concept; she is from Japan and we both have lived in smaller spaces, so we took that on board when developing a plan,” says Shane.

Using the highest quality materials throughout and utilising every inch of space, ‘The Fantail’ has everything one would need to ensure a wonderful living experience. Jim and Shane are now selling their creation and are considering starting their own business, as more people start living small. “I would love to see more people living a life with less,” says Shane.

“Not wanting to make all decisions for the prospective owners, we designed the house with multiple living situations in mind, leaving enough room for the lucky owners to add their own unique style,” says Shane.

The house is zoned into lounge, kitchen, dining, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The ceiling and floors have a natural timber feel and the light walls include striking negative detailing, giving a modern finish. “One of my favourite elements of ‘The Fantail’ is the sense of space once inside,” says Shane. The downstairs area can be used as a bedroom or office/dining area and the upper loft is designed as a bedroom or storage zone.

But wait, there’s more! The house even comes with household appliances: a convection oven, washing machine, fridge freezer, gas hob and on call, Infinity gas hot water system. As a bonus, power points have USB ports, a ceiling fan has been installed and there is plenty of hidden storage.

There are many advantages to living tiny, especially when you’re on wheels. ‘The Fantail’ sits on a trailer, which means you don't need a council permit and it is fully movable to wherever you choose to live!

For more details see it on Trademe or visit their website.

Waimarie Dashper