Pump Up Your Team

David O’Sullivan’s excitement is obvious as he shows off the converted barn housing his new Matakana venture. It’s Hideaway HQ, a team-building and workshop venue, purpose-built and stocked with every necessity to enable groups to relax and focus on the things that matter.

“What inspires me most,” he says, “is this line: ‘The single most untapped competitive advantage in business is teamwork.’ We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into designing our methodology and approach to optimise the teamwork that gets companies buzzing.”

There are three parts to the process, David explains. First Hideaway HQ works with a company to find out their needs, then they design an event or workshop to optimise that vision, and finally follow up to maintain positive momentum. Experienced local business mentors Simon Barclay and Shane Bruhns are on hand to expedite the process.

Events can be as simple as indoor team games and workshops over winter. For something more ambitious, David’s savvy business partners provide cutting-edge smart device technology which allows groups to design their own event around what they’d like to do.

“Think of it as your personally crafted ‘amazing race’ around the region, or a serious scavenger hunt tailored to your company’s unique requirements.” And yes, David has thought of everything from parking, barbecue and firepit to WiFi, Bluetooth and Chromecast.

Hideaway HQ has just run its first workshop, for the staff of the Sawmill Brewery. “We had 26 employees discussing Mike and Kirsty’s vision. It was really inspirational to see a successful and fast-growing business resetting their core values for the future and including their full team in the decision making,” David says happily.

Brewery owner Mike Sutherland said, “An excellent team event – at the end we were all super positive about our future aspirations. Dave's a legend and Hideaway HQ is light, bright, fun and has everything you need.”

In addition to team building events, Hideaway HQ will be running a series of workshops for teenagers. The first will focus on giving teenagers the insights to identify and effectively manage their own careers; the second will focus on resilience and self-management. “We have a raft of challenging activities in mind to hone valuable skill sets for teenagers – problem solving, communication, initiative and personal goal-setting,” says David.

If your company – or your teenager – needs a highly focused pick-me-up, check out Hideaway HQ. Your team may just thank you for it.



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