OOB Organic

Oob Organic has proudly been a part of the Rodney district since its inception in 2001. The company was founded by Kiwi’s Robert and Shannon Auton, a husband and wife team who dreamed of leaving their careers, in finance and government respectively, to open an organic orchard to grow blueberries. A lifestyle choice many would admire when they learn that Robert and Shannon have a brood of triplets, who were at the time, in kindergarten.

The company was founded on the belief that there is a place in the market for organic products where quality, great tasting, healthy food options could be made more accessible and mainstream to everyone.  By being certified organic, Oob shows their commitment to the land, the plants, the farmers and staff and to their customers.  All Oob Organic packaging is 100% recyclable and by being ‘spray free’ the plants are allowed to grow and ripen as nature intended, without chemical enhancements to speed up ripening, harden the skins, or make them less susceptible to heavy rain.

As the company grew, so did the Oob crew which today is made up of twenty-seven passionate organic-loving employees, from the berry pickers to ice cream experts, who all make Oob organics mission possible; a mission to make organic, great quality, incredibly delicious food more accessible.

Over the years, demand has grown for organic produce and the company continued to expand by creating new organic products to bring to the market and by partnering with organic farmers like Jorge, Oob Organic’s Chilean partner and expert grower. Robert met Jorge over ten years ago and ever since they have been growing quality organic fruit. Together they follow the same values, organic principles and certification processes and approvals, so their customers can enjoy organic produce all year round. 

Every year Oob Organic opens their orchard in Omaha and welcomes locals and holiday makers to the orchard to get their fresh, berry blend soft serve while they chill on the colourful beanbags, relax and enjoy their ice cream under the trees. Oob Organics produce is available at your local supermarket and they also partner with national and local businesses, like the local Sheep World’s Berries Café and Organic Ice Creamery, to share the goodness with the locals and tourists alike. 

To check out Oob or Sheep World this summer, go to their website or visit the stores.

89 Jones Road, Omaha


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