Discovering the Depths


Goat Island is one of the most magical places this region has to offer. A beautiful place where the whole family can enjoy the beach, snorkelling, swimming, diving, the Discovery Centre, boat trips and kayaks! No other beach can offer this many activities for everyone to enjoy. At Goat Island you get to see the best of what nature has to offer in New Zealand; explore the beautiful hikes on land or see the vast diversity of marine life displayed in the ocean. The marine reserve is a prime example on why we need more protected areas and why we should help protect our astonishing marine life. 

Goat Island offers the picture-perfect spot to swim and snorkel with some of the biggest and friendliest Snappers you’ll ever see. Join a Guided Snorkel Tour (advanced or beginner) or hire the equipment and explore on your own to get a close look at Sting Rays; explore the bottom for Red Moki, Hiwi Hiwi, Crayfish or Goat Fish, and swim with schools of Silver Drummers, Sweep, Kahawai and King Fish. If you’re lucky a Dolphin, Seal or Orca might pop in and say hi! 

Under the surface you’ll see beautiful kelp forests, rocky swim throughs and can even explore the caves. The aquascape is spectacular and filled with life right off the beach, and the best way to indulge is with a scuba dive. Book onto an Open Water Course where you will learn to dive in the spectacular Sponge Gardens surrounded by fish. If you’re already a scuba diver, you can go on a Guided Tour, continue your education with specialty or advanced courses, or hire the equipment and explore the many dive sites Goat Island has to offer.

The marine reserve is the perfect combination of a fun and educational day out. Learn about the outdoors while submerging yourself in it – surrounded by a beautiful beach, native trees and an ocean playground. The island itself (only 100 meters off the shore) offers a view you normally only see in travel magazines. 

Goat Island Dive is located in Leigh on the fringes of the Matakana wine country, with Goat Island only a 15 minute drive from Matakana, and an hour from Auckland CBD, yet it offers a holiday vibe like no other.  You can stay the night in Leigh or just make it an epic day trip.

There’s something for all levels so visit their website to book your underwater adventure today. 

142a Pakiri Road, Leigh

Susannah Marshall