Earth’s Kitchen

“It has always been about something more,” says Jules as her tale unfolds. With her career in nursing leading to Sister-in-charge of the surgical ward in Harley St. London, looking after royalty in the Royal and Military hospital, she knew there was a different world to explore.

Something from her childhood and upbringing constantly stirred within. She was the far-away child that seemed as if she was away with the fairies; probably because she was! Having been brought up in a political landscape, while a nature baby at heart, she developed an interesting perspective of the world – one of hope, curiosity, exploration and faith in humanity’s potential to do better.

This pull back to Nature was deafening. Jules left her Surgical Nursing career of 15 years and immersed herself deeply into the heart of India where, after living there for some time, she had an epiphany – in the shape of a motorbike accident. It changed her life.

In a remote area, covered in blood and in a world of pain, far from any village let alone a hospital, she lay on the gravel road pondering the seriousness of her situation when she heard soft foreign voices approaching - women and children soon helped her and her friend into their mud hut. Gently but diligently, these beautiful strangers started washing the wounds with coconut milk, then sterilising with coconut toddy. The children had heated coconut milk with some herbs from the garden, which were offered in coconut shell cups. Strips of coconut meat were placed tenderly over the jagged wounds and beautiful meals cooked over an earthen oven. The next morning after a very restful and suspected opiate-aided sleep, Jules couldn’t believe her eyes – the wounds had already started to pink over! To Jules amazement and delight, she had just witnessed healing straight from the heart of Nature and the kindness of strangers.

This led to a journey spanning 10 years where Jules learned of ancient healing techniques and alchemical methods with Indigenous cultures all around the world.

Jules came home to New Zealand and gained her triple diplomas of Medical Herbalism, specialising in Rongoa (Native NZ Bush Medicine), Naturopathy and Traditional Body Therapies. She quenched her adrenaline thirst and community spirit by becoming a volunteer ambulance officer in Mangawhai by night and running her natural health clinic by day. 

Selling out of her natural skincare remedies each week and being booked out at her clinic was proof enough that the world was ready for these natural therapies. Other practitioners and her clients were wanting to stock her eczema crème and healing bush balms and very quickly international companies took a vested interest in her unique formulas.

It took Jules 18 years to perfect her natural sunscreen, persistently pushing past the naysayers. “They said it couldn’t be done – that it’s impossible,” Bright says of the Lab’s response to her statement that she’d succeeded in formulating a 100% natural sunscreen that is SPF50 and invisible. Bringing together her nursing and naturopathy experience, alongside her learnings on her travels, gave this determined spirit confidence she could make it happen.

“Our coral reefs are dying at a phenomenal rate, our forests are being chopped down – 80% of our plants are found nowhere else on Earth and our health is failing due to the chemicals we are dumping on all of it. It must stop and we have the solution right here. We can grow our own sunscreen and take that medicine straight to the reefs to heal them and not poison them.”

Bright is passionate about getting her World’s 1st sunscreen out there. It is Biogro-certified natural (100% ingredients certified), SPF50, water resistant for 2 hours, certified non-GMO, cruelty-free and with a soft silky finish. Hawaii, Mexico and Palau Islands have passed a bill banning chemical sunscreen due to its proven toxicity and killing of coral. Jules is branching out to the Hawaiian market this year to launch her next-level sunscreen there, in a much-needed market with over 10 million tourists visiting per year.

“Although it took me 18 years to perfect my formula, science and law have aligned, so it is actually right on time,” Jules smiles.

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