Lottie’s Soul Food Depot

“If I can make a difference in people’s lives, I’ll put it out there on the plate. The food looks beautiful because that’s my passion for what I do. It oozes my philosophy of wellness. You feel energised the moment you look at it.”

Charlotte Branson, a.k.a. Lottie, has been producing platters of food for clients for two years now, but has taken it to business status in the last six months with ‘Lottie’s Soul Food Depot’. Her moto…”Nourish to Flourish! I know the difference it makes in people’s lives when they eat what their body requires. I’m forever planting and foraging, and scrounging in people’s gardens. The biggest thing is working in season and sourcing locally,” says Lottie.

There is a strong mermaid theme running through Lottie’s offerings – Mermaid Angel Platters, Mermaid Graze Tables and Mermaid Canapés, as well as Passionista Salads. “I love the idea of the beach lifestyle and mermaids. They are a real passion of mine.”

Before starting work on her platters, Lottie likes to talk to her clients in order to get a sense of their style. “I create as I go and there is an artistic element, along with passion and love. I’m into wholefoods, soul foods and plant-based foods. I am strong on veganism, dairy-free and gluten-free, but I’ll work with what clients want.”

Lottie’s grazing tables are beautifully presented and captivating. “Guests will stand there staring because they don’t want to mess it up,” she laughs. “I start out by putting all the food on the table, and then I just begin creating until it comes together. It’s very organic and intuitive.” And what fun to be able to order your food by the metre!

“My favourite saying is, ‘fling it all together’,” Lottie tells me, but the photos of her work on her Facebook page are beautiful and seem more controlled. She obviously has a great eye for quality and presentation. Lottie’s Soul Food Depot is part of a grand plan for its owner. “My goal is to make it a bigger business, but to not get trapped in a kitchen. I’m planning on buying an old bach at Omaha, I’ll do it up and add an upstairs area which will become ‘Lottie’s Loft’, my wellness hub.” Lottie’s Loft will host women’s wellness mornings which might include pilates, yoga, paddle boarding, surfing, personal and wellness coaching and more. Included in that will be advice on how to bring wellness to people’s lives with food. “I’ll show people how to put together nutritious smoothies, Buddha bowls and that sort of thing. I’ve had this idea of a wellness hub for a long time and it’s just a matter of fitting together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.”

A visit to Lottie’s Facebook page will offer an introductory visual feast, and I recommend you follow up with nourishment for the body and soul.


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