Going Native

Ricky Panhuis often gets asked, “What native plants can I plant on my property?” The first thing he asks is “Where in Mangawhai do you live?” 

With Mangawhai's huge range of soil types from sand to clay, volcanic and wetland areas of the upper reaches of the harbour there is a native plant to suit every situation. These plants have evolved over millions of years to grow in these often tough conditions. 

Pre human settlement every part of New Zealand was entirely covered in native fauna. Our forefathers cleared the land for kauri, then for farming, with minimal regard for the environment.

Fast forward to present day we are faced with climate change, huge loss of biodiversity and sediment and nutrient runoff into our harbours;  Ricky and Jess of Mangawhai Natives are doing their small bit to try to improve these issues.

At Mangawhai Natives the team focuses on collecting seed from the Mangawhai and surrounding areas, choosing to grow plants that flourish and are naturally found here. Clients needs can vary, whether it is for attracting birds and bees, providing shelter, erosion control or cleaning up the waterways. So when advising people what to plant where, they know what works well according to their property and needs. 

Ricky's childhood passion evolved from growing up surrounded by bush in the Kaipara, and with his grandfather, uncles and mum all in the nursery industry, it was inevitable his hobby would  eventually lead into a thriving, home-based family business. 

This year has seen an unprecedented demand for native trees. With the government's ‘One Billion Trees Programme’ taking affect and the general public's awareness around the importance of improving our environment, it is a very exciting and positive industry to be in. 

The planting season (April-November) has just kicked off for their business with some exciting projects ahead. Ricky and Jess are very approachable and are passionate about assisting in your planting needs, from small gardens to large scale restoration.

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