Beatles, Baking And A Brew

Let it Brew is the most recent eatery opening up in a prime spot in Warkworth Centre. 

From the façade alone, you will know that it is unique, with a big wall mural that reminds you of The Beatles crossing Abbey Road, but on closer look, the four silhouettes are actually holding cups of hot coffee. 

Step inside and it is a feast for the senses…the aroma of freshly baked scones and muffins, among others, the music of The Beatles and yes, walls adorned with many Beatles memorabilia and a cabinet-full of other Beatles collection. 

The managing owner and head chef of Let it Brew is Dino Isla. “Let it Brew is a tribute to my father, Danny Isla, who is an avid Beatles fan and lover. At our home in the Philippines, we grew up listening to Beatles music and what you see at Let it Brew is a part of his private collection of memorabilia which has spanned over 40 years. Friends have also gifted him with more items hence the continuing growth in his collection. My parents brought them here so we can spread joy to more people, especially The Beatles fans!”

Chef Dino has had extensive experience as a chef in several cafés in the North Shore until his family’s relocation to Wellsford. He has also been involved in sales and marketing in the hospitality industry in Auckland, making him a well-rounded, kitchen-oriented person. One taste of his food, which he personally makes, will make you want to go back over and over to the café.

They serve delectable all-day breakfasts and lunches, and have an attractive array of cabinet food consisting of both sweet and savoury delicacies. They also address the needs of people in a rush by making ‘Grab and Go’ food available.

The coffee at Let it Brew is fast becoming a favourite with the richness of its flavour – it is medium to dark roast, with sweet creamy texture, rich velvet body and a taste of dark caramels. 

Their staff always have warm smiles and are genuinely responsive to customer needs and suggestions. 

Let it Brew offers a totally distinctive café experience. Good coffee, good food and good music while you sit enjoying the memorabilia on display, reading books about The Beatles or just watching the world go by through their big and wide windows.

1 Queen Street, Warkworth

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