Artwork With A Difference

Connie Parkinson appears to be on a mission. She has launched a new company, ART @ SUCCESSIO, selling her cubism-inspired animal artwork drawings in limited editions...but she also wants her artworks to make a difference. Consequently, she has formed an alliance with Auckland Zoo’s Conservation Fund, and 10% of her sales go to support them and their very important work. 

Connie was born and grew up in Denmark, but – after also living in the UK and USA – has called New Zealand home for the past 25 years, and says she is rather passionate about this beautiful country at the bottom of the world.

The work of ART @ SUCCESSIO brings together two long-time passions for Connie: animals and art in the forms of drawing and painting, which she has been doing on and off most of her life. She did have a long gap, though, where the focus was on being married and bringing up two kids alongside a corporate career. Despite still running businesses in Auckland with her husband (and living on a rather large lot of land, needing attention), Connie says she now has a little more time on her hands and is therefore able to allocate the time and energy required to pursue this passion.

Hoping not to sound too corny, Connie says she loves animals (or most animals!) and so finds it logical that her artworks should be inspired by these fellow inhabitants of planet Earth. As Connie states, “There are literally thousands of things we as humanity should do (and a lot we should have started doing yesterday) to clean up this planet; to make it a great place to live for ourselves, and to preserve it for future generations - humans and animals.”

Therefore, she decided that proceeds from every piece of artwork sold (limited editions and commissioned work) will support a project or entity which is practically and actively doing something, somewhere to help. The first collaboration is with the passionate people at Auckland Zoo’s Conservation Fund ( the Fund that is behind the high-profile work on saving the flightless parrot, the Kakapo, from extinction. 

So what might the future bring for Connie and ART @ SUCCESSIO? Connie laughs, “I have a whole noticeboard full of amazing animal pictures in my studio, providing inspiration for future drawings.” She is keen to explore working with a variety of mediums and on a larger scale. “I would love to some very large animal drawings - maybe 85x120cm.” 

In the meantime, Connie is very happy with the artworks currently available and the support they offer to the Conservation Fund. As she says, “If we all take little steps in the right direction, we will get there in the end.” 

Junction Mag