The Boys’ Club

Mahurangi ICONZ started six years ago in Snells Beach, by the same guys that are running the group today.

“We started this to meet the need in the local community for a faith and values based activity group for young boys. There is something special watching boys interacting, playing and learning from each other as a group,” says founder Steve Reynolds.

ICONZ in New Zealand is run by the Boys Brigade and in Warkworth it used to be hugely successful. It ran for over three decades and regularly had over 200 boys attending on a Friday night. 

Today ICONZ is the new version and is an action, adventure, activity and values based programme for Kiwi boys. ICONZ allows boys to be boys, it’s a mixture of faith, mud, blood, fire, water, speed, smash and build. The boys enjoy a range of action, fun, games, life skills, leadership and competition, all the stuff they are into, and need to become true Kiwi icons.

“We work on a badge system so the boys are always working toward completing a badge or skill based activity. For example, this term the ‘Adventure’ boys (8-11 years) are working on a ‘Worxz’ badge and had the privilege of visiting Skyworks, and the older ‘Xtreme’ boys (11-14 years) are working on a cooking badge, ‘Men in the Kitchen’, where we have local men/dads come and cook their signature dish and show the boys how to cook and prepare it. To complete the badge the boys also cook a meal twice for their whole family.”

Summer weather allows for outside activities, with some of the badges being completed in kayaking, swimming, camping, hunting, man versus wild, first aid, tramping, survival and a coast guard badge.

The local ICONZ unit is run by and has oversight through Mahurangi Vineyard Church. All boys (and dads) are welcome and meet on Wednesday and Thursday nights in Snells Beach. 

For the 8-11 year olds contact Paul Chapman 021 999 143 and for the 11-14 year olds contact Steve Reynolds 0274 787 427.

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