Ma’Keto Kitchen Rules!


Keto is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.

When people hear that they can have an amazing dessert made without refined sugar and flour and almost without carbs, the first reaction is disbelief. It is because we are programmed to think that everything that tastes good has to have carbs in it.

As a chef with over ten years experience and a Master of Science in Gastronomy, the keto style of cooking has tested Maja Moors’ knowledge, skills and patience, after starting her business ‘Ma’Keto Kitchen’, making Keto desserts. “Twisting recipes so they don’t have carbs in them is a lot more challenging than I presumed,” she says. “I started my Keto adventure two years ago, after struggling with postnatal depression and weight gain after giving birth. Keto has changed my life, the lives of my family and inspired me to dive into Keto cooking. After losing 32kg, and gaining my confidence back, I chose to share my knowledge through my business and make Keto great for everybody who has a decadent taste for desserts.”

Keto is not a high fat diet, it is a high protein diet with higher allowances of ‘good fat’ intake. Creating desserts and cakes with perfect balance and limited ingredients is challenging, but that is what separates Ma’Keto Kitchen from others. “Using the knowledge from Molecular Gastronomy, skills from my trade and personal experience being on Keto, I’ve been able to create the most delicious, guilt-free desserts.”

The most popular are mousse cakes with cocoa butter glaze and the more traditional desserts (with their keto twists) like tiramisu, panna cotta, Crème brûlée, and macarons.

Cutting out the carbs from our diet has long-term health benefits, as our bodies start using fat as fuel and in turn this makes us more energetic and vibrant. For more information (or to drool over Maja’s latest creations) follow Ma’Keto on Instagram ( or Facebook.

Susannah Marshall