A bold fold


Tracey Davies’ entry for this year’s Art ‘n’ Tartan Wearable Art Awards was made entirely from past issues of Junction Magazine.

Tracey is quick to reassure us that she does enjoy the mag before turning it into something even more artistic and useful. “It’s a great community magazine and I really look forward to the next edition,” Tracey says.

Tracey had two entries in the Waipu Art 'n' Tartan awards; ‘Fold and Be Bold’ in the Business House section. And in the Open Go Mad in Plaid section,  ‘Floral Tart.’ The Junction inspired ship was in the Business House category. The quality of the paper used for the magazine enabled Tracey to create something that represented her heritage. Inspired by 3D origami, she meticulously folded ten thousand individual pieces of Junction Mag into triangles. The triangles are stacked on top of each other to recreate the Gazelle. The great ship brought new migrants to New Zealand’s shores in 1853.

The youngest in her family, Tracey has four older brothers and was raised on a farm in Wellsford. From a young age Tracey was interested in crafts, but her outdoor lifestyle left no time to indulge her passion. It wasn't until later in high school that Tracey and a few friends entered the Warkworth wearable arts show and won the student category. The win really sparked Tracey's interest in wearable arts. She loves using varied mediums to create something unique. After high school Tracey went on to study Fashion Design and then Business Training. She currently works as a bank teller for ASB, but in her spare time enjoys creating bold and fresh art manipulations. She is a meticulous researcher and says that, along with her creative ambition, helps her re-create something new and modern.