A lifestyle of health rituals and surfing


Eve and Stephanie Glover are inspired by far off places, childhood memories and roaming the world in search of the perfect wave. “We experienced some pretty cool indigenous cultures from a young age,” Eve says. “We were already exploring life in a different way. From blessings and offerings left out for deities in Bali, to Masai warriors dancing in Kenya and Hawaiian cultural ceremonies. We learnt and studied healing and spiritual ways.”

Their dad Wayne started one of the first surf schools in New Zealand, eventually escaping Auckland and moving to Te Arai. Pristine sandy beaches and gorgeous surf are now right on their doorstep.

The ocean at Te Arai and the peaceful natural surroundings in this area have a special healing energy. It’s a perfect place for a massage therapy and herbal medicine clinic. They call it the “Te Arai Wellness Way.” Every session is tailored to suit whatever it is your body needs on that particular day. Drawing on a range of modalities including, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, pregnancy massage, post-natal massage, relaxation and sound therapy.

“Through massage we restore with touch. As certified massage therapists with over fifteen years experience in the health and wellness industry, we’ve been trained to ensure the quality of our service. Your body – your intentions.”

“We also try to make interesting and creative settings for massage therapy in order to bring a distinctive flow to our work. Playlists, candles and aromatherapy help. One of our passions is ‘massage on location.’ From super-yachts to holiday accommodation, or if you’re convalescing at home we can be there for you.”

Along with massage therapy, Eve and Stephanie offer herbal medicine consultations; the dispensary is located in their clinic at Te Arai. Incorporating both western herbal medicine and Rongoa (medicines that are native to New Zealand) along with nutrition advice.

“The Te Arai Wellness Collective began when we were approached by other practitioners. Osteopaths, naturopaths, yoga teachers and life-coaches have each brought something unique to our space over the years. As a collective we embrace all forms of healing and have been holding small, intimate retreats for healers and those who are self-healing.“

In July, the Te Arai Wellness Collective will be holding another retreat, visit their website for details.


Photography: Josie Gritten