Walking into Board & Batten is like entering a wonderland of visual delight. Instantly, you are transported into a serene world of understated luxury; layering of textures and soft colour palettes that enhance the warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This is because head designer, Deb Crowe, runs her business from the heart – she is Board & Batten. Every detail and angle of the exclusively curated treasures you find in this unique barn on the hill is selected with careful consideration - often derived from a project with one of her many life-time clients. ‘They just keep on coming back’, says Deb with a smile, ‘many of them are on house 4 or 5 and we still enjoy an intimate journey with each property.’

Being allowed to enter a client’s inner most world (their home) is a privilege to Deb. She and her team work on a variety of projects – from kitchen and bathroom designs to complete new builds or renovations. The consultation often starts as a visit to the barn showroom. ‘Viewing stunning fabrics for window treatments or playing with textures of tiles for kitchens leads to a casual conversation and, before you know it, we are working on a dwelling in the South Island’. While the projects span nationwide, Deb particularly loves designing for the Matakana country and coastal terrain.  Her signature style of classic contemporary suits the climate and lifestyle that clients are looking for – a simple and elegant calmness, creating tranquillity in all living spaces.

The intuitive design process, however, also transpires to the exterior of the home. ‘From the moment you walk through the front gate of a property, the home owner’s aesthetics should be seen and also felt. You can’t achieve that if the exterior of the home is not tended to so we have been offering landscaping as part of our design services as well’, says Deb. This is evident in the grounds of Board & Batten, with carefully manicured grounds that give just the right approach to casual and precise balance.

Deb leads a team of talented women working out of a studio space at the back of the showroom. Coffee is on constant offer and a giggle or heart to heart not far away. And when the studio space is a bit too tight, you can always detour ‘into’ one of the oversized, opulent, divine couches in the showroom and try and concentrate under the twinkle lights of the luminaires above. ‘It is not uncommon to find retail customers or clients quietly sitting there taking it all in. You can almost see them leaving the stresses of daily life behind them as they relax into the couch. Job well done, I think’, says Deb.