Boho Bridal

Fashion designer Brooke Tyson is on a steep skyward trajectory. Ten years ago, the red-headed fireball established her eclectic clothing brand; Brooke Tyson.

She is continuing to scorch a blazing trail. In spring 2017, she launched her new bridal label, Brooke Tyson Ritual, and after just five months she’s turning heads internationally. Brooke has been approached to showcase her delicate creations at a bridal designers’ trade show in France next year, and she’s receiving requests for couture gowns from brides around the globe.

Born and raised in the Australian Outback until the age of seven, her family moved to Nelson where she spent the next seven years. After leaving school, the creative teenager talked her way into a job as a tailor and picked up the art of pattern making.

Her love of travel took her to Asia, Europe and South America, which inspired her avant-garde collection. Influenced by ancient tribal cultures, Brooke’s creations are a free-spirited, cross-cultural melange; whimsical, mischievous, feminine. Now based in Puhoi, it’s no surprise that her garments have a strong bohemian flavour.

“My new bridal label is going viral. Brides are more adventurous today,” Brooke says. “I pay attention to intricate details and I collaborate with artists and jewellers to produce truly unique pieces. I source my fabrics, sequins, laces and beads from here and overseas, however, all my garments are made in New Zealand. It’s important to support local industry.”

So, what does an insanely creative live-wire do to recharge? “I’m a dancer with a band called Weird Together, they do remixed world music.” And just for fun, she dances at “Shimmy Ya” in Warkworth. It’s a wild and vibrant mix, much like her fashion, of Latin American, Afrobeat, Dancehall and Hip Hop.

Words Kaye Mueller. Photos The Virtue & Boudica Photography