Brick Bay Folly Award 2016


  ‘Daughter of The Swamp’ sits beside Brick Bay’s lily-covered lake–the winner of the Brick Bay Folly Award 2016. Designed by Ryan Mahon, Sacha Milojevic, Edward Roberts and Raphaela Rose, Daughter of The Swamp is a large-scale tunnel structure made of interwoven red, yellow and white steel arches.

When walking through it, the rods initially overlap in a set diagonal pattern, casting diamond shadows, like scales, on the white shell floor. Progressively the steel evolves and unravels until each rod has shed any cold, industrial connotations previously possessed, to become bendy and whimsical – eel-like. Turns out, the sculpture alludes to the hinaki (eel trap) and the Maori myths surrounding Maui and his wife Hina, known as the daughter of the swamp.

However, above this cultural relevance and clever design, Daughter of The Swamp is so easy to interact with. Art enthusiasts stand in the structure’s airy bend, intrigued by the steel’s fluidity while kids crawl around, wide-eyed at the Alice In Wonderland shrinking exit. And from all angles, the lake and bush are framed by the spaces between the coloured lines.

Brick Bay’s Sculpture Trail is open daily 10am-5pm so be sure to head on down for a bit of wine, dine and ponder.  |  T: 09 425 4690