Brijana Cato - Capturing Bridal Beauty


Brijana Cato is another young local creative who often collaborates with Shona Stevenson. Brijana’s carving a career as a photographer with her fresh, unique style and an unusual talent for viewing life through her lens. She is becoming sought-after for weddings, engagements, corporate images and portraits and is the fashion photographer of choice for a couple of well-known surf labels – as well as for many of Junction Magazine’s fashion pages.

“In terms of style, my ideal is probably a beachy, natural vibe. I like to make maximum use of light and shadow wherever I can,” Brijana says. “I’ve noticed a recent trend towards beautifully lit scenes in minimal locations – whether it’s a funky, textured wall or interesting architecture with dramatic lines – I really like this look.”

And wedding photography in particular? “I love to photograph couples that don’t mind venturing out to get to some of the awesome locations in the area. I guess choosing a photographer that they relate to and have fun with on the day is the most important thing.”

Brijana’s ‘Secret Garden’ bridal shoot featured in Australian White Magazine.