As children are sensorial learners it makes sense that part of their education should be to touch, smell and explore foods.Children love to eat what they have helped prepare, and will often try different foods away from home. It made sense to join Ooooby for a good variety of fresh vegetables and to support local growers. Families take turns to collect the box and we open it together. The children have learned the language of lots of different vegetables and fruits, they enjoy drawing them, having a go at writing the names of them – and especially tasting them. The most fun we had was with a HUGE daikon radish. The packers at Ooooby had given us the largest they had. I was sure the children wouldn’t like the taste, but they did! There hasn’t been anything that no one has eaten but the best part is the feedback from parents about how much more their children eat, or the requests for certain vegetables at home. It has been a lot of fun! To help introduce your child to different vegetables: • be excited by the idea! • take them shopping to choose. • make it a game to try something different once a week/month… • give them a choice will we try this one or this? • use precise language • let them help cut it up and prepare. • try it raw… • Don’t over cook it! And DO start off with butter/oil/salt so it does taste good!