Christmas Collecting for Kids


washitape carcollection

To make it easy on yourself and others when buying presents for children, think about building collections of toys that engage the child for longer than a few minutes. When children focus and use their hands to manipulate something, they develop concentration and independence – valuable skills for life!

Some ‘busy hands’ collection ideas that will give you, your extended family or friends something that can easily be added to include:

• Blocks of different sizes, colours and shapes (wooden is great). • Duplo and Lego, available second-hand as they last forever. Extra bases are fantastic – they’re inexpensive and give a starting place to build on to. • Dress ups – these can be made, or treasured bits found in op-shops – a good selection of these items will last for many years. • Animals are the perfect toys to collect bit by bit – build up a farm, a dinosaur, zoo or sea collection. • Stationary – think tapes (Japanese washi tapes are very now and so creative – check out the Pinterest page for washi ideas), coloured paper, a new set of pens. • Car collections – make a racetrack complete with block landscapes, or a shoebox garage. • Dolls – making clothes, furniture, blankets or a little quilt will give so many hours of creative play.