Dave Dobbyn - Leigh Sawmill Cafe


11 Dave Dobbyn played recently to a packed house in a last-minute, pop-up concert at the Leigh Sawmill Café, a venue he has been absent from for over 14 years. On the back of the recent release of his latest album Harmony House, Dave thrilled the crowd with new tracks Angelina and Waiting for a Voice. These sat comfortably amongst a set full of classics: Be Mine Tonight, Welcome Home, and Whaling to name just a few.


His confidence and skill was invigorating and watching him enjoying the fruits of a well-deserved 40 year career was a pleasure. It has been a while since I’ve seen crowd surfing, but this was just another reflection of the crowd’s appreciation of Dave Dobbyn’s performance. The band were electrifying in their own right – each a highly skilled musician – most notably Jesse Sheehan, who opened with his own captivating set.


As for the man himself, I don’t know why I was surprised to see how humble he was with his fans. Seeing him posing for photos during his performance and staying for a meet and greet to sign autographs after the show, it was confirmed to this fan: Dave Dobbyn truly is a national treasure.