Delectable Nutty Elixir - Carew Kitchen


Has dairy been banished from your fridge? Don’t fret. One Matakana business is making some of the most luxuriant almond milk imaginable, and, yes, you can get it right here and very nearly right now. Sophie Carew and her mum, Sally, are the industrious duo of Carew Kitchen, hand-pressing Australian almonds for 300 litres of milk each week. It’s a hard slog – even Sophie admits it’s “pretty full-on”, but with stunning results. Simple glass jugs and gorgeous, uncluttered labels are mere eye candy for the real draw - moreish almond milk. Little wonder that fans in more than 30 Auckland cafes and shops relish delivery each week.

Carew Kitchen’s seeds were planted when childhood asthma made milk problematic for Sophie, but an accident and ensuing three-month hospital stay as an adult really drove her dietary journey. A former corporate brand manager, she chose to make almond milk not solely for marketability but also mouth-feel and nutritional cornucopia which, she says, more closely mirrors cow’s milk than other non-dairy choices.

Sophie and Sally’s delectable elixir comes two ways: sweetened and unsweetened. Dates lend sugar to the former, but both get filtered water, raw almonds, a touch of cinnamon, and pink Himalayan salt. Want some? Local stockists are coming, but for a two-bottle minimum order ($24 incl. GST) you can pick some up. If you’re in Carew Kitchen’s delivery zone, lucky you - that punt could be door-to-door, meaning chilled cacao smoothies are simple as pressing ‘frappe’ on your blender.

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