Dr Libby: Live in Warkworth


Dr Libby (PhD) is a nutritional biochemist, best-selling author, and speaker, and will be coming to Warkworth for the first time this month. In her two hour live event, Dr Libby will discuss common confusions around food in her down to earth style. Some helpful tips for eating well while travelling:

  • Avoid mindless eating/drinking on the plane.
  • Eat lightly, stay hydrated and avoid coffee or alcohol if you’re on long-haul flights as these will only dehydrate you further and disrupt any sleep that may be forthcoming.
  • Plan ahead. Plan accommodation around how close you will be to nourishing food options. Or opt for accommodation that has a kitchenette or kitchen, especially helpful to allow preparation of simple meals like breakfast.
  • Incorporate vegetable juices or smoothies. As soon as you land, or even while you’re at the airport, look for a nourishing vegetable juice to fill your body up with the nutrition it needs.
  • Travel with an organic vegetable powder. A great way to ensure you have nutrients on hand during travel. Take an organic vegetable powder for the trip. This will allow you to keep your nutrient intake as high as possible, even if you find options are few and far between.
  • Always order a side of vegetables. Most places will offer sides of vegetables, or even if they don’t advertise them, they’ll make them up for you. Steamed greens make for a nutritious side dish to any meal.

Tuesday 26 September, 7.00-9.00pmWarkworth Town Hall, 21 Neville St, Warkworth

Tickets $39.95 from www.drlibby.com

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