Eagles Rest - The Eco-Entrepreneurs


We all know families that cycle together but the Wolfendens are a family that up-cycles together. Whilst others pile bicycles onto their tow bar racks, Cathy, Tom, David and CJ are hooking the latest prototype of their ‘Bin Towa’ onto their tow bar and testing it by hauling wheely bins up and down their gravel driveway.

This family is taking upcycling to new heights.   Cathy and CJ (14) do most of the peddling in the pursuit of their goal to be professional upcyclers.

At times, standing amid piles of shattered glass, it must have felt like it was all uphill but they now have a range of innovative, functional products that are packaged so well as to be worthy of a triumphant return to the top shelves of upmarket retail stores.

CJ is home schooled, but one can’t help thinking that the most valuable part of her education is this ‘hands on’ experience designing, testing, developing, manufacturing, packaging, marketing and selling products that are made from re-purposed materials.

This apparently once-shy teenager proudly demonstrates their product range and talks of “sustainability partners” and a preference for upcycling over recycling.

Eagles Rest’s flagship product is GroBot, a self-watering hydroponic plant pot made out of two halves of a glass bottle and uses a wick made from recycled plastic bottles to draw water up into the soil.

To make things super easy you can buy a GroBot Herb Planter Kit with to get your GroBot up and growing.

There is a range of soy candles set into wine bottle bases (the top sections are made into very attractive tea light covers) and a recent addition to the line up is the “Oil Torch Wicks”, handmade using a glass wick that very simply and safely enables you to upcycle any bottle into a citronella or oil torch.

These eco-entrepreneurs have done the hard grind in low gear getting to the top of the recycling pile.  They are well deserving of a strong tail wind, though I doubt they will ever take their feet off the pedals.

Available online and at local markets (Matakana Creamery, Coatesville)



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