Eden Mulholland @ Sawmill


IMG_0724 Hunted Haunted Album Tour

In life you get what you give, and the same goes for the crowd at a live performance. Some may argue that it's the artist’s job to get bums up and moving, but a lazy Sunday afternoon, a piss-poor turnout and unenthusiastic crowd proved just too brutal a foe to top and seemed to overshadow what should have been a dance-floor filler of a set. Negativity aside, Eden Mullholland is a multi-talented musician whose performance was actually far more flawless then I expected. Imagine a vast array of musical hardware plus the technical wizardry needed to exploit it, along with one hell of a powerful voice, and you get a performance worth abandoning a Sunday BBQ at home for.


Along for the ride at his Hunted Haunted album tour were some of his old band mates, but it wasn't until a solo song worked its way into the set that I began to wonder if the main man really needed them there at all, even with their own brands of awesomeness.

For me personally, I was glad to end a sun drenched Kiwi weekend with a few pints of Leigh Sawmill Café’s finest ales whilst enjoying the musical stylings of a career performer who should have been given the respect that career performers deserve.

If, like me, you enjoy great live music in great live music venues, then you have to turn off the home stereo, grab a few mates and head out to see whoever, wherever. You'll enjoy music on a whole new level.

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