Fat Freddy's Drop at Pakiri Beach


The last weekend of November saw a bunch of kids roaming around the Pakiri hinterland, tracked by various folk with big cameras. At the end

of the day they converge on a dim and dusty barn where a woman is...

levitating. It’s the latest music video for Fat Freddy’s Drop.

Director Jess Bluck says, “The band’s new song ‘Ten Feet Tall’ speaks to

me a lot about adversity, about staying strong and rising above it all.”

Jess was haunted by a book she read years ago about a boy who learned

to fly; she used a different angle on this to craft the uplifting images

we’ll see in the video (still, right, by Crighton Bone, cinematographer).

Jess was born here but spent most of her childhood in Geneva. After

completing her arts degree back here at Elam School of Fine Arts, she

hit the road again, living in Sydney for four years and Paris for five. The

family house in Pakiri village was bought quite a while ago ... and it’s

where her heart lies.

“Pakiri has a spooky wildness and a grandeur that I find magical,” says

Jess. “It’s not pretty like beaches further north, it commands respect.”

The Fat Freddy’s Drop video is not the first time she’s shot here; she

made a beautiful, haunting short film at the beach a few years ago

called ‘Horse’ (watch it on Vimeo).

The music video should be out by the New Year, but Jess may not be here

to see it go public. “I’ve just got my US visa through,” she tells us. “NZ

to LA is quite doable – just an overnighter really...” It would appear that

Hollywood is in her sights, but Jess will be doing her best to combine

her passions: film, travel – and Pakiri.