Finding Midlife Courage


  For Whangateau local Sharleen Greer, turning a half century proved pivotal. She had dedicated the previous decade to raising her four teenagers and now they were flying the coop. But instead of falling into a crisis, Sharleen decided to turn life’s second act into a midlife chrysalis.

Wellness had been a common thread throughout her career, initially as a nurse dispensing drugs, then as a naturopath handing out herbs and vitamins. “But something was missing with this approach,” says the expressive redhead. After some years of following a more holistic path offering counselling and childbirth education, she spotted an article about life coaching and it resonated, loudly. After intensive training, her own GPS was set and in 2012 she launched her company Midlife Courage.

“Counselling is like archaeology, you dig into the past,” claims Sharleen. “Life coaching is like architecture, you create something new, a space to explore and to ask ‘where to now?’”

“Women are often all things to all people,” explains Sharleen. “The first half of life is often spent on marriage, kids, career, making ends meet; around the mid-forties women often start to reflect and can sometimes feel a little lost. If you ignore your inner whisperings in the forties, by the fifties they’ll be roaring for attention. Don’t wait until you’re forced into change by one of the big four; divorce, disease, death or redundancy,” Sharleen urges.

Sharleen Greer has plenty planned for 2017: a workshop to set your GPS for the year (Jan 31st), a retreat in early April at Warkworth’s luxurious Kourawhero Estate, as well as one-on-one sessions where she provides the space to discover who you were/are/want to become.

Treat yourself to a second wind for the second half.

T  021 145 6432