H&S Cake Stand Hire


No, I'm not a cake maker – I don't think I have ever knowingly made a cake and I can’t say I'm even a cake eater! My angle is that at the weddings I have attended I find myself not greatly interested in the cake – it’s the cake stand I have issues with. It seems this beautifully crafted piece of sculpture (the cake) more often than not sadly ends up upon a tin-foiled piece of cardboard or a stainless steel stand which would look more suited showcasing a leg of ham!

Now that we’re having weddings at Puhoi House and Barn I’ll be viewing a lot more wedding cakes than most and felt something had to be done! Hence the forming of H&S Hire.

First on the list: cake stands.

H&S has gone about restoring, designing and creating a series of eleven 14” stands (3 pairs and 5 singles) – all a little different but still with a design ethos that comes under the umbrella of a grand, opulent, English-come-French country house style.

Wedding cakes was the brief, but they also make fabulous table centers for flowers or fruit - in fact, anything, really.

Champagne buckets? Yes, I have a problem with those too, so they’re next on the list.

And then there's the candelabra!

Plate stands for hire from September 2016.

All enquiries and bookings through Puhoi House: reservations@puhoihouse.nz

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