Iron Mammoth Review


"When I grow up, I want to play the glockenspiel or the organ in a manic, alternative, indie, Dunedin-based band," said no kid ever in the history of the world... ever. And if a kid ever did say that, I would have been the first to yell out "NEEERRRD!". But the musical beasts of Iron Mammoth have taken these wacko instruments, added a singing drummer and transformed them into a truly modern and innovative sound. With long hair, crazy beards and a modern take on the comb-over (which I'm guessing could only fly in Dunedin), they absolutely pummelled the stage at Leigh Sawmill Cafe to dust. Iron Mammoth put on such a foot-stomping, heart-pounding show using such unconventional gear that I was all like, "Huh: 'guitar', 'bass guitar' – who needs that shit?"

Only after the first few songs when the novelty had worn off I did find myself in uncharted territory and beginning to crave something more familiar. This is the point in a show when talented and experienced musicians know how and when to change gear. This band did so spectacularly, with a cover of 'Big in Japan' by Tom Waits. During this, I decided the singer's voice was a hybrid of Tom Waits and Jim Morrison…

Music has always had a way of compelling humans to re-evaluate what is pleasing to the ear. It has also been a peaceful way of challenging social conformity. The guitar in early rock music was once considered too outrageous to be commercially and socially acceptable – well, maybe Iron Mammoth are just the forerunners of the next musical revolution.

Their new Single "BAM BAM BAM" is out now.