John Mulholland


John Mulholland has just concluded an exhibition in the gallery upstairs at the Country Park Woolshed. It worked across a range of media including paint, geometric prints, and whimsical found-object sculptures of wood, stone and steel. A multi-media artist, his background has moved from music to architecture, performance to stonework. This exhibition, 'Formation', showed John's ongoing interest in the evolution of objects, as well as his passionate adherence to the concept that 'thoughts shape objects as much as objects shape thoughts.'

Stern geometrical diptychs and triptychs of black on white have foregrounds that are chipped away, charting a gradual background reveal. Next to these are more playful sculptures that have what John calls 'morphic resonance'. An old paintbrush that's lost its handle evolved into a piu-piu skirt with delightful movement in its swish; John's addition of little steel legs and a tiny, painted Maori motif on the steel 'waistband' leaves it wanting only a portly upper body and a wide grin.

* A small new show of John’s large-scale sculptural works has just opened on the brand-new Smith Bar deck, behind the Stables at Country Park. These are strong, abstract steel or aluminum sculptures. Some are two-three metres tall, and each tells an intelligent story. Be quick to check out this exhibition – it finishes on February 9, but may extend.

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