Keeping it real


For Real, now here’s a book that should be pinging its way into your inbox, especially if you seek easy and delicious real food. Sitting behind this exquisite recipe eBook is successful online blogger, holistic health coach, and mum, Maryana Lishman.

Maryana has carved out an impressive online business with over 27,000 followers, where sharing and caring is the key across two Facebook communities; The Healing Tribe and Raised on Real Food. Fuelled by a passion for helping families, Maryana focuses on holistic health strategies for resolving eczema and allergies, along with supporting families to eat more wholefoods. Her online forums are based on a no bull policy, being kind is king. She also runs an online Eczema and Allergy Wellness clinic around gut health, family wellness, low toxin living and real food nutrition. Recipe eBook, For Real, adds to her healthy armoury too, pulled together using an old Mac and a talent for writing. Maryana is proud of the results, “From a passion led project to begin with, my work has grown organically. My blogging has always been done with integrity. Social media can be an ego game, I’d rather show a photo of my duck salad over my duck face!” Maryana says.

Flashback to 2011 and it wasn’t so healthy. The Lishman’s embarked on a nutrient seeking journey when their daughter was diagnosed with ‘Failure to Thrive’. Seeing her deal with eczema and multiple food allergies, Maryana called time on the steroid creams, trusting her instincts around healing from the inside out. Frustrated at unsupportive health professionals and conflicting information, she spent two years changing her family’s lifestyle. Nutrition was the key. “It can be a struggle, but our kids are the next generation, to nourish them we need to do it through food and discussion. It’s not about perfect eating always, but it is around support and knowledge to make positive health choices. Empowering people to make healthy changes because they want to, not through fear or uncertainty – that’s what drives me.”

As the ink dries, Maryana and her family will have moved to Mangawhai. Understandably, life is a rollercoaster of emotions right now; tiredness, excitement, nerves and hope. But this beautiful coastal town has lured them. Chosen for its stream of healthy types, farmers markets, glorious beach and green spaces. A desire to get out of the city and live at a slower pace was also on the wish list. Yet Maryana’s entrepreneurial spirit never rests. Ideas are simmering, including prospective workshops with the Dirty Hippie in Waipu.