Kindness Pixie


Mooi-Mooi 1 There’s a new twist to the global tradition of the Elf on the Shelf in Matakana this Christmas.

Launched as a book in the USA in 2004 by a mother and daughter team, the Elf on Shelf is now a marketing juggernaut with multiple product lines. The elf ‘watches’ children to see if they’re being naughty and reports back to Santa nightly. It appears in a different spot the next morning, ready to spy.

Junction Magazine thought this was just a little bit creepy so, in a new collaboration with Mooi Mooi in Matakana, is going with another angle – the Kindness Pixie. The Pixie has a much less sinister modus operandi: for each of the 12 Kindness Days of Christmas (beginning on Dec 12) it has a suggestion for kind things your children can do that day.

It’s tempting to ask the Kindness Pixie to take it easy on Mum and Dad with suggestions such as ‘make your bed’, ‘do the dishes’. However, your Pixie may also encourage your little darlings to bake cookies for their playgroup, schoolmates or the postman, help an elderly neighbour or donate gifts or food to a local charity.

It’s all about sharing the true spirit of Christmas, which doesn't need to involve lots of money, just a little of the kindness currency. Having said that, if Mum gets breakfast in bed, your Pixie might just suggest a trip to the Santa parade!

Kindness Pixies will be available from Mooi Mooi from late November – subscribe to the facebook page for updates. Daily kindness suggestions and charity choices will be posted here too – as well as on the Junction Mag facebook page.

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Photo by Louise M Photography