Leigh Eats


Leigh Eats have just celebrated their first birthday. For owners Michael Wayne Jackson – Wax to his mates – and partner Rachael Aitken, it’s been a good one. They moved back to Leigh after running Catalina Café in Hobsonville Point. Catalina got real busy and the couple decided to kick back and find a new business that would give them more time with their two boys. Rachael’s family have been in Leigh for decades; her Dad managed Leigh Fisheries back in the day. Her mum grew up in Pakiri, has worked at the Sawmill for 20 years. Wax worked there from the start too, back in ’96; it’s where he and Rach first met. They came home.

The couple had a traditional (but updated) fish and chip shop in mind, and they finally scored the perfect spot just round the corner from the dairy. They gutted the building and remade it, simple, classic and clean. White butcher’s tiles and a sleek La San Marco coffee machine.

Really good fresh fish from Leigh Fisheries just along the road tops a classic menu. Proper burgers, pasties, excellent pies (slow roasted beef, Portobello mushroom and blue cheese, smoked kahawai and more) and fantastic cabinet cakes.

Wax and Rach went with 8.30 coffee– it’s Fairtrade organic, with compostable cups and lids. Same with Leigh Eats’ burger boxes – made of sugar cane, no polystyrene here. Even the juices are thoughtful. Almighty Juices (they donate to a gardens in schools project), and Aotea Tonics from Great Barrier.

Leigh Eats is a bit more than just a quick feed. Rach and Wax wouldn’t call themselves eco-takeaways, but it’s hard not to think about the environment in Leigh – you just need to look around.

www.facebook.com/Leigheats18  |  T: 09-422 6035