Libby Angus at Full Spectrum Training Facility


In her bodybuilding bikini photos, Libby Angus twists to accentuate her oiled and tanned body, the muscles so defined they look edible, her face radiant. But like Clark Kent, you’ll find a different person if you swing by Warkworth’s Full Spectrum Training Facility during opening hours: relaxed in casual wear and makeup-free. The gym is owned by her powerlifting partner, Andrew DeVine. Both Mahurangi locals, the pair met at Omaha Surf Club five years ago when Libby was on a mission to improve her health and fitness. She wanted a goal and Andrew suggested bodybuilding. After a few years competing, she’s gained twelve thousand followers on Instagram and hundreds watch the clips on her YouTube channel.

At the gym, Andrew runs the training programmes and Libby handles business and promotion, as well as hosting bikini posing classes for bodybuilders. Since opening on July 1 this year, they’ve garnered 50 members. Their goal is 200. As they grow, they’ll be hiring more trainers – but only those who have at least four years university training under their belt. This is one difference between Full Spectrum and other gyms.

Both Andrew and Libby studied at Otago University: he took PE, specialising in strength and conditioning over six years, and she did accounting. On the side, Libby taught Body Balance classes at Les Mills, focusing on mobility and strength work.

“I didn’t like standard classes where clients didn’t get the love and care they should,” she says. “We have the ability to help them – we don’t want to smash them.”

Another point of difference: there are no classes at Full Spectrum. Andrew offers supervised training, which is closer to having a personal trainer but he may be assisting others in the same session. He writes four workouts on a whiteboard and changes them monthly.

“You can come in and do your own thing, or Andrew goes through a workout with you,” says Libby. “Seventy per cent of our members are aged 30 to 50. Fifty per cent are women. They usually have a goal: to lose weight or fix an injury. The workouts tailor to that.”

Libby is also keen on community-based training. She taught one of the free workouts offered by Lululemon in Auckland – serving as a poster girl for their activewear. Now she’s developing her own programme, Sweat and Stretch, which is likely to take place outdoors in different locations.

Needing hardcore inspiration as summer looms? Search for Libby Angus on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, or read the blog on her website. Better yet, sign up at the gym. | T: 021 422 813 | E: