Local Love

 Jason Michael Reid and Melissa Ann JohnstoneTogether 8 years

We met at a bar in Browns Bay and had an immediate connection. On the anniversary of our first month together I dropped a card in Melissa's mailbox on my way to work, she loved it. From that day till now I have given her a card on the same day every month. We love our time together with the kids while at the same time appreciate the free passes we give each other.

Iris and Eddie Curtling

Married 60 years (this June)

First met working for the same company in 1955.

We both agree ,is sharing each others laughter and the tears.

Fiona and John Angus

Married 23 Years

We met at a party, six months later we married with just a three month engagement.  We both knew we needed to be together.  The key is patience, tolerance and sticking together in the tough times.  It helps to have similar values and morals and interests.

Rachael Staples and Pat McKay

Married - Together 22 years

First met out shopping in Wellington

Secret to a happy relationship: keeping things simple and lots of laughter.

Luisa Pollio and Tommaso Baldassarri
Married - 16 Years
We met in Italy through a mutual friend, as soon as I saw Tommy I knew I was in love and we had our first kiss on New Year Eve 2000.  Passion, patience and laughter, speak your mind and talk things through.  Never settle for a routine.

Steph and Damian Roberts

Just Married – Together 2.5 years

We became friends and realised it was more pretty quickly, in fact 5 weeks after meeting Damian tattooed and ‘S” on his ring-finger.  The rest is history.  We both vowed to be each others boyfriend & girlfriend forever, to keep the magic and honeymoon in everyday.  And we do!  When you don’t agree, breathe, walk away and re-approach it when you’re calm.

Naomi and Andrew Gould

Married – Together 4 years

We met at a Christian camp in Taupo, where we were both leaders.  Our secret is we have a strong family network around us who want the best for us and have done a lot to ensure that we have the best start to married life.  We have our faith which holds us together and did months’ worth of premarital counselling.

Noelene and Kevin Pyle

Married 35 years

We met in our early teens through attending church and youth group activities together - we were teen-age sweethearts from the ages of 12 and 13!

Your secret to a happy relationship?

Love and commitment.  Having a selfless love for each other; a love that endeavours to put the other's needs first, and a commitment to each other to encourage and support each other in all areas of our lives, through the good times and the tough times.  Just like plants need feeding and watering in order for them to flourish and produce flowers or fruit, a relationship needs to be nurtured and nourished with selfless love on a daily basis so that it can strengthen and grow.  As a couple doing things together has been very important, both in our work situations where we've brought our complementary strengths and skills to the various ventures we've been involved in, and in our recreational activities - having fun and enjoying lots of adventures together.  Also sharing the same values and goals and faith in God is the foundational basis of our relationship and marriage.