Mahu Bike and Skate Park


Mahu Bike and Skate Park is the vision of a group of Warkworth parents who are driven by the desire to have a bike and skate reserve available for everyone in the community.  The nearest skate parks are at least 30 mins away and the bike parks an hours drive, combining that with the growing population in Warkworth it made sense to develop something locally.

After some great conversations with Mahurangi Sport & Recreation Collective (who are the incorporated collective of the sports based at the Warkworth Showgrounds), they were offered some interesting terrain at the Showgrounds and that was when the idea started to really take flight. The initial concept was presented to the Rodney Local Board and as a result the group was given a grant to get some plans drawn up.

Those plans have been designed by Richard Smith from Rich Landscapes, who has designed many parks nationwide, with input from Byron Scott from Trailpro, of FourForty MTB park fame. The result is a design for a park that caters for beginners to intermediate and advanced skills and encompasses: learn-to-ride/road safety area, asphalt pump track, skatepark, downhill mountain bike park, bike skills area and cross-country tracks. There is also potential for a dirt pump track and further cross-country tracks in the future.


Currently the group are arranging to present the concept plans at local schools, community events and to other local groups in the hope of further input and ideas. They will then meet again with the Rodney Local Board to discuss the public feedback and the final approval process.

They really want this to be a project the community can feel ownership of. There will be lots of consultation throughout the process and plenty of chances to sponsor areas of the park or even be involved in build or landscaping days.

Instagram:  “Mahubikeandskate”