Mangawhai Rocks


Mangawhai Rocks in many ways, but #Mangawhairocks is adding some Rolling Stones with an unusual treasure hunt. It’s all about creating and hiding art rocks to surprise and delight others who find them. It’s also about exploring nature with family and friends, ditching the iPad and getting outside. Mangawhai has taken up the craze wholeheartedly thanks to Sarah Weber.

“When our friends went rock hunting, I thought hmmm ok (eye roll), but gosh it’s fun and so addictive,” Sarah says.

“There’s a sense of giving back and a sense of freedom. I posted a note on our local Facebook page to ask if I had been hiding under a rock, or was this craze not here yet? The response was great.”

It’s simple, collect or buy river stones, make sure they’re dry and then unleash your creative flair. You can paint to a specific theme or just freestyle it. Include your name, year and #Mangawhairocks on the back. Spray a clear sealer over them, photograph your work and post it to the dedicated Facebook page. Once all that’s done you can go outside and hide them, but be sure to report back on Facebook and share the location plus a couple of hints.


Photography: Sarah Webber Photography