Market Meanderings


Lucy Howlett, 2 from Warkworth Born in Kalgoorlie, Lucy has started preschool at Totara Hill.  This week she enjoys singing Christmas carols loudly while food shopping.

Michael Bernard 57, from Auckland

Michael was a chef for 30 years but now is an expert knife-sharpener. ‘The best knife is the one you like the most’.

Amber 8, from Whakatane

Amber 8, from Whakatane

Amber is a miniature Schnauzer who is a ‘bit of a matriarch’. She can be quite bossy, but loves a cuddle.

Precious Hungwe 23, from Auckland

Precious is a nurse who grew up in Wanganui. She regularly hikes the Waitakere Ranges and is just getting into kickboxing.