Matakana Beach Outfitters SUP Lesson


MBO As a one-year veteran of the Matakana Coast, I’m constantly surrounded and inspired by the abundance of new things to try and do in the region. Growing up and spending most of my adult life in the Australian outback, the nearest body of water was 4.5-hour drive away, so I can very confidently say that my water sports skills are both crap and non-existent.

At some ungodly hour on a Sunday morning I was greeted at Omaha Boat ramp for a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) lesson by the most energetic, excitable person I’ve met for many years. Matt Craig is Owner, Head Surf and SUP Instructor at Matakana Beach Outfitters (MBO). He’d just finished a 2-hour surf lesson and was primed to help with my first foray into this rapidly growing international sport. I was a little apprehensive, but Matt’s enthusiasm, experience and proficiency as an instructor had me not only out on the water, but standing up on the board in a matter of minutes. I had to put aside my initial instinct to muscle my way through the first 20 minutes and just let balance and technique do all the work.

The basics of SUP are so simple that even a desert rose like myself could pick it up in my first 60-minute lesson. Things like doing sharp turns and one legged yoga poses will require a few more lessons. The quick learning curve and the guidance of a good instructor is where this sport’s massive appeal lies. Paddleboard, life vest and paddle were supplied to me for the lesson and I was also able to hire an additional board and paddle later in the day.

This is truly a sport for all ages and skill sets when using correct technique. It’s very low impact and is self-paced. Not many sports have an age range from 4 -70 year olds enjoying themselves side by side. SUP is extremely popular on the Matakana Coast and the local community is encouraged to get behind upcoming events like the 2016 New Zealand Stand Up Paddle Nationals at Omaha Beach on 27th and 28th February, as well as regular events hosted by the Omaha Paddleboard Club.

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New Zealand Stand Up Paddleboard Nationals, Omaha Beach

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