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The Walk In 1974, street-performing Frenchman Philippe Petit fulfilled his dream of stringing a tightrope across the Twin Towers and walking between the two. 2008’s film Man on Wire covered the very illegal scheme as a documentary, and The Walk adapts the story into a narrative film.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s portrayal or Petit is on point. Petit is a man who lives with his head (literally and figuratively) in the clouds feels like he could be a character in a Michel Gondry film. Gordon-Levitt captures that amazement with the world and Robert Zemeckis’ direction and use of 3D in the film invite the audience to join them in it. The heart of the film is a caper, but there is also an underlying love story that drags the story a bit from the action. The rest of the film makes up for it though.

4 / 5 Stars. The Walk plays at Matakana Cinemas from October 22nd

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